On a brief visit to Tallinn I am absorbing the beautiful and diverse styles of archicture and details of the buildings. First off the simple shapes in the “street furniture”.

It reminds me of the simple concepts of Graphic Design that I completed with Coursera.

The angular edges onto a usually rounded arc are particularly cool. I don’t know what type of architecture this is because this building(sandwiched between the Bank of Estonia Museum and Bank of Estonia) does not have a name or title. I had a quick look online for archictecture types in Tallinn and it doesn’t look to be classical, neo-Gothic or Art Nouveau. So the mind boggles. I did particularly like the symmetry of this emblem that was on one of the gates.

What I would like to do when I go home is trace over this and convert it into a vector and play around with it. There are many parts to this emblem that would be very interesting on their own – particularly the outer circle.

Conversely the graphics of some of the shops were very minimalist and caught my eye because of their simplicity.

Side of Estonia Opera house

The shapes were interesting; the colours used in the buildings is even more so.

Entrance gate at Manor house, Estonia

Pink is a colour used a lot and refers to the Russian style.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn
Door across from Cat’s Well, Old Town, Tallinn

I particularly like the colour scheme of this door. It is very attractive and I have seen the black outlining white window frames. Very clean and ornate looking.

This is a shed from a fishing village. I love the vibrant orange against the bright wood and the earthy green.

In terms of motion graphics, I liked the movement of water in the fountain of Kanuti Park and the waterfall, and foam, at the National Park.

I captured the flight of a butterfly along the boardwalk which I thought would be useful for modelling in our project.

The colours of the landscape were equally endearing. Using the Adobe app on my iPad, I definitely want to create a palette from the colours of the Lahemma Bog.

The Cloudberry leaves and natural plants of the bog
The bog lake
The bog from a view
Bonzai tress can grow in this harsh Arctic like environment. I like the contracst of grey against green.

Some views I like because of the vastness of them.

I like the contrast of the brightly coloured tree against the other trees.
I like the graduated effect of the trees. Their ridges look like wave ridges.
The singular tree stands out quite a bit from the rest of the landscape. I like how the bright grey boardwalk leads up to it.

There were also some really fun aspects to what I saw in Tallinn. These are gates which surround a building across from the Estonian Opera House. Whose exit and entry gates are pretty funny 🙂

Car park gates to Estonia Opera House

In Tallinn airport I also noticed the use of a set of mini-projectors for the telecommunications company Telia. I thought it was interesting as I can see how shop signs and large scale advertisements will be projection mapped in the future.

Mini-projection map at Tallinn airport, August 2019

I’ve also never seen portaloos with graffiti on them! Whoever did it must’ve felt very strongly about it 😀

Offending toilet in Telleviski, Tallinn

And last but not least….an installation just across from the portaloo.

I feel that my phone’s image quality has let some of these images down which is a pity. I am not sure what to do about it.The images look very dark in Lahemaa National Park and blurry(the red in the image above seems to blur around the edges).

Onwards to Riga…..