I went off on a tangent this weekend slightly as I am only discovering how cool the iPad is for Apps and also trying to finish a little course I am doing on the side with California Institute of Arts.

Coursera / California Institute of the Arts Accessed 21/07/19

I thought it would be a good time to learn about graphic design in this semi-college hiatus. This week it was about pattern, colour, composition and form. Really interesting stuff. The most valuable part of it was discovering an app called Adobe Capture. It lets you take photos and then convert them into palettes, materials and patterns. I really like it.

My couch
A referendum poster
A remote control(it reminded my of Star Wars)

Last but not least…this pattern reminded me of Game of Thrones!

My purse

I got to use Illustrator a bit more too, which was good.

There was also a project meeting online on Wednesday so that took up some time.

We had a blockout session. Mine is included here:

I am a little concerned about the animation element. As part of another project I am exporting fbx (or trying to ) from Maya into Unreal. It is a very simple set of 3 polygons and they are not importing into Unreal correctly. Unreal gives these errors which don’t make much sense – I smoothed the meshes before exporting from Maya which is an apparent solution to the problem. So we would need to be careful with how we are managing our meshes in Maya-Unreal workflow.

Unreal wise, I need to practise more this week. Read and apply what I am reading about. I can’t decide if its better to learn about Blueprints first and then go into Materials. Or just learn about Materials and cross the Blue-y front when I need to?

Food for thought!